• Hot Yoga Classes

    Hot Yoga Classes

    Yoga to detox and invigorate the body, mind and soul!

  • Reiki with Carrieann

    Reiki with Carrieann

    Relaxing & healing session for mind & body Learn more

  • Located in Golden, Colorado

    Located in Golden, Colorado

    We're easy to get to. See a map

  • Golden Yoga & Healing Arts

    Golden Yoga & Healing Arts

    We offer instruction for all levels of yoga.

  • Sonic Massage

    Sonic Massage

    Quantum Healing with Master Frequencies of Light, Magnetics & Sound

  • Roots run deep

    Roots run deep

    A place to find your roots and grow!

  • Golden Yoga & Healing Arts

    Golden Yoga & Healing Arts

    Begin your journey here.

  • Our Beautiful Space

    Our Beautiful Space

  • We are a Family Focused Yoga & Healing Center

    We are a Family Focused Yoga & Healing Center

    We invite you and your family to join us!

Golden Yoga & Healing Arts

Golden Yoga & Healing Arts is a place to find your roots and grow! We are a locally owned yoga and healing center ready to help you set down roots and help you with all aspects of their healing journey. Our little gem is conveniently located In Golden, CO near the Foothills Animal Shelter off of the 6th Avenue Frontage Road at 511 Orchard Street. You begin your journey at our new barre and yoga studio space, the Sky Studio.  The Sky Studio designed with minimal mirrors and no windows so that you are the window to your own practice. As you ascend the stairs to our main space, the Sunrise studio, each step leaves a little bit of your stress behind. Once you have reached the studio, you are greeted by a bright open space designed to highlight the natural light and stunning views of the Mountains and Denver skyline.  But what makes us unique is that we focus on bringing the family together in whole health healing.  Besides the yoga and barre studios, filled with classes for all skill sets and styles, we have healing rooms where we offer Massage Therapy, Ionic Foot Detoxification treatments, Reiki and Crystal Healing Bed Sessions-truly something for everyone!  See our Schedule for classes and Appointment page for healing sessions.  


Our introductory offer for all new students is 30 days of unlimited yoga and barre for $30!    


Golden Yoga & Healing Arts was a dream I didn’t know I had until I completed treatment for colorectal cancer in 2010. After treatment is complete the Doctors pat you on the back, give you a coffee mug that says “yippy” on it and send you back to your life. They expect you to start back where you left off before cancer. The problem is, you are different and you don’t realize that you ‘can’t go back, you can only go forward’. Yoga became my forward. In so many ways yoga helped me find peace with the new person cancer created and gave me the courage to fight the fear that follows me around, the pain that is left, and issues people can’t see. Not just courage, but strength to follow a new path, a path of healing and helping others heal, finding peace and doing yoga. Golden Yoga & Healing Arts is my way of providing an caring environment full of experienced healing practitioners and yoga instructors that can help people find their forward. Come take a class, meet with a healing practitioner and begin your healing journey with us!